"Enduring Conundrum" Installation

Evartspace Gallery, Geneva, May-June 2014

 The installation features video of individuals in five different countries from all walks of life repeating back complicated phrases of “artspeak”, taken from the press releases of art shows.   The intent of the interactive installation “Enduring Conundrum” was to provoke and evoke responses from the gallery audience, capturing how they think about contemporary art.

At the end of the video portion of the installation the audience was asked to reflect and communicate any thoughts they had about contemporary art into a microphone, which recorded their thoughts.  Afterwards I took the text of these thoughts, translated them into Morse code, and created works of art with the resulting code (I use Morse code as a vehicle to underscore the fact that this language is a code understood by only a select few in the art world).  This created a permanent record at that particular place and time of the thoughts and responses of people at that location to contemporary art.