Installation "Dialogue",  Smack Mellon Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 

Jan 17- Feb. 22, 2015      The site specific installation, “Dialogue”, created for the exhibition "RESPOND", reflects on the recent incidents nationwide involving violent police actions by asking people from all sides to calmly take a breath, reflect, and communicate anew from a point of clarity.  

Comprising four sides of an eighteen foot rectangular column, the installation translates into Morse code quotes from Alexander “Clubber” Williams, infamous police captain of the 21st Precinct in New York City in the 1870’s, and the 14th Dalai Lama, on opposing sides of the column.  While the text invites reflection, the four-sided physical structure of the column and the inverse tonal relationships, highlight the multiplicity of viewpoints in every situation and issue.

“There is more law in the end of a policeman’s night stick than a Supreme Court decision”

                   Police Captain Alexander “Clubber” Williams

“Non-violence means dialogue, using our language, the human language.  Dialogue means compromise”     

                                       Dalai Lama XIV