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The use of “Artspeak”, the often incomprehensible language used by many curators, writers, critics, and other art insiders, has alienated much of of the art-viewing public.  The film follows New York artist Bill Claps discovering everyday people’s thoughts and feelings about contemporary art as he develops a video installation and a series of artworks that comment on the phenomena of Artspeak.  The film follows Claps at work in his studio, in the streets, galleries and art fairs of New York, and through several countries in Europe.

Title:   “ARTSPEAK”

Genre:  Art Documentary

Producer: Primamusa (www.primamusa.com)

Director: Bill Claps

Director of Photography: Francesca Pagani

Editor:  Francesca Pagani 

Original soundtrack: Giovanni Spinelli

Running Time: 16 minutes

Pilot for Series Entitled ARTSPEAK


Video Full-HD 1080i, 25fps

Audio Dolby DIvital 2.0

Artspeak Film Poster  MED RESPNG.jpg